Use duct tape to pull your breasts together to create a cleavage.


As long as you dont need to pose topless, this is much quicker and cheaper than surgery.


Do your first experiments with ordinary duct tape. Once you get the hang of it, buy medical quality duct tape.

Cut a piece of tape to the length of 30cm. To recreate the band that typically supports the weight under your breasts, place 1 end of the tape about 5cm below the midline of 1 armpit and drape it underneath your breasts and up. It will sorta look like a wide U.

Cut another piece of tape to the length of 30cm. Place this piece of tape on the lateral (outer) aspect of your left breast. Keep it low enough not to show from underneath your bra. Pull the tape with your right hand horizontally towards your right breast. Grap your right breast with your left hand and pull it horizontally towards your left breast. Adhere the right end of the tape to the lateral aspect of your right breast. Your breasts will now be pulled together to create a cleavage.

Cut 2 pieces of tape to the length of 8cm. Adhere vertically under your armpits over the ends of the other 2 horizontal strips. This is to secure that the other 2 horizontal strips do not come off.

Use powder to disguise the appearance of the tape. For best results, combine this trick with make-up.

When no longer needed, pull the tape off carefully so that you do not abrase your skin. Remove the remains of the tape with baby oil, warm water and soap.


It will not work if you are completely flat chested, i.e. you must have at least some breast flesh.

To get it right is more difficult than it seems. You will have to experiment many times before you will get it right. Be careful as to how tight you pull the tape or ordinary movement will cause skin abrasion.

If you wear it for a long time (2 hours?), it may bruise your skin where you want it least!


Ordinary duct tape does not work well.

What you need is medical quality duct tape.Breast cleavage duct tape: medical quality

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