A breast lift is a proven, effective way to improve the appearance of the breast by elevating it on the chest wall, reposition the nipple and areola. A breast lift may be done alone or in combination with breast enlargement.

Full breast lift

Incisions are made along the crease underneath the breast, around the areola and between the areola and the base of the breast. Excess skin is removed, the breast is elevated and frequently, the size of the areola is reduced.

The scar is in 3 distinct locations that each have a characteristic pattern of healing. In the peri-areolar area, scarring is partially concealed by the change in color at the transition from breast skin to the pigmented skin of the areola. The vertical incision from the areola to the crease may be hidden in shadow. The inframammary portion of the scar, along the fold created by the breast is often the thickest of the scars, but it may be hidden in the inframammary fold. While the scars will always be visible, in most cases they fade acceptably and patients are highly satisfied with the results.

Modified breast lifts

These techniques use fewer incisions than a full breast lift.

The concentric breast lift ("Benelli:- or "donut" lift) removes a ring of skin from around the areola and therfore the scar is limited to around the areola.

The crescent breast lift removes tissue from around the areola but more tissue is taken from the area above the aroela. It raises the nipple and areola on the chest wall.

The lollipop lift makes an incision around the nipple and areola as well as extending down vertically to the crease underneath the breast.

The scars of these procedures are less. The potential drawback is that there can be less change made to the breasts shape. Modified breast lifts are frequently done with breast augmentation.

Length of effects

The effects of gravity and aging will still cause some sagging over time.

The surgical procedure for breast lift takes 2.5 to 3 hours.
American Society of Plastic Surgeons - 2011, surgeons fees only.
Breast Lift (Mastopexy) $4233

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