Question: What must you do not to blink when applying mascara?
Answer  : Open your mouth and keep it open while you are applying mascara.

Question: Can women with very sensitive eyes use mascara?
Answer  : Yes, but avoid formulations with fibres that bulk lashes. Creamy or gel for mulations are a better option, as is applying just 1 coat to reduce build-up.

Question: How should mascara be removed effectively?
Answer  : Cut a round cotton pad in half. Saturate it with eye make-up remover. Place 1 half moon pad underneath the bottom lashes. Close the eye and, using the other half of the pad, gently rub from the top of your lash bed downwards until the mascara has been removed.

Question: How is mascara prevented from smudging?
Answer  : Dab a little translucent powder underneath the lower lashes or use waterproof mascara.

Question: Who should use brown mascara?
Answer  : Very fair or red-headed women if black is too great a contrast.

Question: Who should use grey-black mascara?
Answer  : Very fair headed women if black is too great a contrast. Dark header women at times, e.g. at work, where you do not want to make a too strong or -sexy impression.

Question: How should coloured mascara be worn without it looking garish?
Answer  : Keep it subtle by using a tone similar to your eye shadow.

Question: Should the mascara wand in the tube be pumped to get the correct amount of product?
Answer  : No, simply twist and pull. The pumping action forces air into the product, causing it to dry out quicker.

Question: Does waterproof mascara makes lashes dry and brittle?
Answer  : Most waterproof formulas have ingredients that condition lashes. Use an oil-based eye make-up remover to ensure your lashes are gently yet effectively cleansed.

Question: How to apply eyelash mascara to the lower lashes?
Answer  : Use a sideways motion to "scrub" the brush across the lashes. This way you donít hit your lower eyelid and look messy.

Question: Do eyelash curlers break lashes and make lashes fall out?
Answer  : Ensure that your curler has a rubber barrier to prevent lashes from breaking.

Question: How to pump up volume of eyelashes?   New!
Answer  : Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler. Apply several coats. Work it through your lashes in a zigzag movement till you reach the tips. Keep adding mascara to the outer edge eye lashes, that is where you need most of the volume. Comb dreaded clumps out with a mascara brush or comb. Video by Aly Art

Question: How to make mascara last longer?
Answer  : When it begins to dry out, add a few drops of surgical alcohol.

Special mascaras

BlackUp Power is a lash primer. (R 205)

Diorshow 360 Revolving Mascara is a revolving brush combined with an extra sculptable wax formula gives lashes spectacular volume, curl and length. (R315)

Estee Lauder: Lash primer: (R 215).

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara acts almost like lash extensions, multiplying and growing the look of the lashes. (R265)

Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara gives lashes volume and strengthens them so they appear denser and more full. (R340)

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Volumising Length Mascara gives lashes up to 70% more length with voluptuous volume. The formula lengthens and plumps lashes while Pro-Vitamin B5 conditions them. (R90)

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara and lash enhancer helps lashes grow stronger while visibly adding length and volume. (R125)

Battery-powered mascaras

They are brilliant for separating lashes while at the same time depositing product evenly on sparse lashes.

Estee Lauder TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara ensures a clump-free application so you can reapply several coats without a heavy build-up. (R465)

Lancome Oscillation Power Mascara delivers 7000 oscillations per minute. The smooth and creamy formula lengthens and separates lashes beautifully. (R385)

Using the correct tools ensures lashes look their best.

Tweezerman folding ilash comb has perfectly spaced gold-plated metal teeth that glide through mascara to define and separate lashes. (R135)

MAC Full Lash Curler is an easy to use, sturdy eyelash curler that has a simple hinge design without any parts that snag or pinch. It also comes with a replaceable pad. (R250)

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