Lip glosses (like Lip Smackers) gives lips a glossy lustre and sometimes subtle color. (Useful when you wants some color on their lips that is not as intense and solid as lipstick.) They are are often fruit flavored.

Some prevent and temporarily protects dry, chapped, or windburned lips. Many contains SPF 15 that helps to prevent sunburn. Some contain ingredients that make the lips appear softer and plumper temporary.


It can be contained in a small cylindrical bottle and applied with a rounded or sloped applicator wand (known as a doefoot applicator) or with a built-in lip brush. Or it can come in a small, soft, squeezable plastic tube designed to be passed over the lips or applied with a fingertip or lip brush. Solid or semisolid glosses come in boxes and tubes and sometimes blur the distinction between lip gloss and lip balm.


It is distributed as a liquid or a soft solid. It can be completely clear, translucent or various shades of opacity, including frosted, glittered, glassy, and metallic finishes.

lipgloss set, 5 mini tubes, 5 juicy colours, 9 grams

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