They are also called lip boosters.


Lip plumpers makes lips appear fuller, firmer, hydrated and sexier. It works in minutes and lasts for hours. Expands lip volume and contour 40.7% Augments upper and lower lip tissue equally. Diminishes unattractive lip wrinkles.


Lip plumpers effects are temporary, so they must be reapplied throughout the day to maintain the results.

The ingredients are often harsh on the delicate skin surface of the lips. Thus, a few days after using a lip plumper, you may experience peeling of the irritated skin on the surface of the lips.


For optimal results, use as a nighttime treatment. It can also be worn during the day alone as a lip glosss or as a smoothing base for any lipstick.

Swipe on to clean, dry lips. You should feel a tingling feeling. It is an indication that the glosses is doing its job; heightened flow of blood towards your lips.

Do not apply to cracked or broken skin. For topical and external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Not for use by individuals under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing women. If itching or rash develop, discontinue use.

When the product comes in a tube, a wand applicator is u sually attached to the inside of the cap. A wand applicator consists of a very small, fuzzy piece of foam on a long stem, called a "doe-foot" applicator. Semi-solid plumpers, which are applied with fingers or a lipstick brush, may come in small pots. A container with a roller ball permits direct application.

Some lip plumpers come in the form of strips or patches. Apply temporarily to the lips, or the area above the upper lip. This allows ingredients contained in the strip to be absorbed by the skin. Lip plumping patches and strips are to particularly effective for combating the wrinkles that occur between the upper lip and the nose.


Most lip plumpers exist in the form of lip glosses. In appearance, it ranges from translucent to opaque and tinted. Those without color can be applied alone or under lipstick or lip gloss. Colored lip plumpers can be worn alone, as they have the appearance of lip sticks or regular lip glosses.

Like most regular lip glosses, lip plumpers will contain ingredients which reflect light, such as mica or glitter dust. These make the lips shimmer or shine which adds to the visual effect of lip fullness.

They differ from lipsticks and chapsticks in the sense that they are liquid, not solid products.

What sets lip plumpers apart from a regular lip glosses is that they contains ingredients which actually make lips bigger.

How these products work.

Some irritate the thin, delicate skin of the lips with ingredients like menthol, camphor, Restylane or Juvederm. This causes the flesh of the lips to fill with more blood and become slightly swollen or puffy. This also diminishes wrinkles. Many lip plumpers also contain soothing ingredients to dull the slight dis comfort or stinging that may result from applying the irritants. Thus, the lips will swell, but the stinging feeling will not occur, or will be lessened.

Some stimulate collagen production (up to 339%).

Others use hydrophilic ingredients that draw the bodys natural water into the lips, making the lip swell. Hydrophilic ingredients like dehydrated marine collagen-filling spheres penetrate the skins surface. Once inside the skin they fill with moisture and swell, thus plumping the skin of the lips as well.

Lip plumpers from Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips uses a natural vacuum process to gently coax fluid into the lips, plumping the lips while increasing circulation in the lip and mouth area. Luscious Lips can increase your lip size by 50% Luscious Lips last 4 to 8 hours. It also works for women with a narrow face. In the beginning, the lip tissue must be gradually enhanced by using the device sparingly for the first 2 weeks.

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Wonderful lip plumper from
Apart from a burning sensation after 3 minutes, it does nothing. Not the slightest increase in lip volume. Not even a swelling.

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