Lip stains define your lips without bleeding, smearing or transfering to the teeth. They are semi-permanent, lasting 6 to 12 hours. Maintenance free. Gel water based formula doesnt dry lips.


Can be worn alone or top with lip gloss.

A lip stain may come in a bottle with an applicator which is used to brush the stain onto the lips. It can also come in a small jar; applying the stain with a finger or a cosmetic brush. Using a lip brush will ensure your lipstick application is perfect, especially for bright, bold colours.

Clear with eye make-up remover.

Since longwearing formulas tend to dry the lips, eliminate dead, dry skin with a scrub.

Lip stain often gives lips a fairly dramatic look. To avoid looking overdone, combine it with softer eye makeup.


Lip sticks are colored wax applied to the lips. Lip stains are dyes that temporarily saturate the lips.

A lip stain is usually designed to be waterproof so that the color will be long lasting. To help the product stay on the lips, many stains may contain alcohol.

Lip stains do not not necessarily provide sheen or gloss. Some products are bundled with a moisturizer to keep the lips moist or a plumper for a more pouty look or a gloss to make the lips shiny.


LOreal Paris, colour caresse shine stain (ZAR140) is basically the same formula (without the scent) as the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Glossy stain, but at half the price.

LOreal Paris, colour caresse shine lip stain

Yves Saint Laurent, rouge pur couture vernis À lèvres glossy stain (ZAR405) is 1 of the best. It is between a lipstick, gloss and a stain. It delivers lasting color with a glossy finish. It contains light hydrating oils and 30% water that leaves lips soft, comfortable and hydrated for up to 6 hours. After a day of wear, lips may need a bit of moisture. It also has a lovely fragrance.

YSL, rouge pur couture vernis À lèvres glossy stain

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