A clip is worn on the nose to put pressure at selectable places, to make the nose smaller, pointier, shorter and slimmer or more symmetrical.


Much cheaper and safer than surgery.


Although manufacturers claim the results are permanent, I am not so sure. But even if you have to wear it again every 6 months, it is still a better option than surgery.


Wear the clip for 20 to 30 minutes a day for at least 2 weeks.


Some brands have a special type of plastic that emits a little warmth while you wear it. It helps to soften the collagen an enhance the reshaping process.

How these products work.

Nasal cartilage is made from collagen-II which is 70% water, making it highly reshapeable.

Rosallini Fuchsia pink plastic nose-up shaping clip, beauty noses clips relevance

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