A pair of curved and comfortable splints are worn at the inside edge of each nostril to make your nose look narrower and straighter, instantly.


Much cheaper, safer and quicker than surgery. They are best for people wanting to:

  • Slim a wide nose.
  • Refine a bulky nose tip.
  • Lift bended nose tip.
  • Straight a crooked nose.
  • Enhance beauty of ethnic nose (Asian nose, black, Hispanic, etc.).
  • Lift tip to ease hump (prominence) on middle area.


    Since they are easy to insert and remove, with some practice it will take 20 seconds to complete both tasks. You can use it whenever you want , except when swimming, laying down, sleeping or working out. They are an ideal cosmetic solution for photo shots and special occasions. Some people are wearing them on a daily basis.

    How to use it.


    They are unnoticeable.

    How these products work.

    The anatomic form and flexible material allow easy adjustment between the tip and the based of the nose without discomfort. By creating this gentle pressure the splint holds by itself, lifting the top part of the nose and narrowing the nostrils. The result is a more refined appearance of the nose and ultimately better harmony of the facial features.


    USD 35 excluding postage.

    This page has been updated on the 2017-12-18.