High- / low lighters

To hide parts of your nose, use darker shades. To emphasize parts of your nose, use lighter shades.

To create a shadow to make your nose look slimmer, apply bronzer on the sides of your nose. Use a bronzer (or face powder) that is a few shades darker than your skintone. Start near the eye area.

To make your nose look more slender and pointed, use highlighter to draw a line down the bridge of your nose. ( See: this video demo)

To keep your nose from shining, use powder.

To make a long nose look shorter, apply the darker-shade foundation underneath the nose where the nostrils meet, instead of along the sides.

To make the alterations look more natural, blend with translucent powder.

Beware: Lined noses may look bizarre.


To draw attention to your lips, use bold lipstick (rather than lip gloss).

To draw attention to your eyes, use eye liners, mascara and shadow.
(Do not use bold lipstick AND bold eye make-up. This will give a clowning appearance.)

Donít over-pluck your eyebrows. The thinner and further apart your eyebrows are, the more attention it draws to your nose.

Make your nose appear smaller relative to the rest of your face, by wearing your hairup or at least partially up. When hair covers your face, even partially, it highlights the center of your face: your nose. Part your hair on the side, because a middle part only draws attention to your nose. Avoid slicking your hair back, wearing your hair short or having blunt bangs. The fuller and longer your hairstyle, the more attention it will draw away from your nose.

Use the right color blusherfor your face; pink for fair skin and berry shades for a darker skin. For oval-, square- and heart-shaped faces, apply blusher from apples of your cheeks to your temples. For round faces, apply blusher from the corners of your mouth to your temples.

Do not draw attention to your nose.

Do not wear jewelry (nose rings) or makeup that draws attention to the nose.

Hide blemishes or scars on your nose with cover-up (concealer).

Do not make your nose stand out by wearing a different shade of makeup (bronze) on your cheekbones.

This page has been updated on the 2017-12-18.