The cost of most plastic surgery is high, sometimes very high. You can get loans to pay for plastic surgery like you get loans to buy cars. Ask your plastic surgeon which companies or banks to approach.

There are also companies that organize "medical tours" to countries like South Africa, India and Thailand. The standard of plastic surgery in these countries is high, but the costs are much lower than the United States or the United Kingdom.

Questions to ask when you negotiate a loan.

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate depends upon your treatment fee, repayment term (12, 18, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months) and your credit record. Because the rates are fixed, your monthly payments will not change.

Healthcare finance differ from credit cards in that the rates are fixed for the entire length of your payment term unlike the variable rates offered by credit cards. The interest rates are lower than those of many credit cards.

When is the 1st payment due?

It is usually due 4 weeks from the time you signed the contract. You shouldnt need to pay anything until then. You could actually start treatment without any money initially from your pocket and then pay it off at your convenience, either through monthly payments or through a lump sum.

What would the monthly payments be?

Can the loan be prepaid?

If you want to pay a little extra any month or pay off the entire balance early, would you minimize the amount of interest you pay? If so, would there be any penalties?

How do I find out the balance on my loan?

Do they have a phone number or do you get monthly statements?

Is the loan paid to you or directly to the doctor?

Usually it is paid directly to the doctor.

This page has been updated on the 2017-12-18.